Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google Voice—An Audio Care Package

When service members deploy, they primarily put life on hold. Stationed in a different part of the world, their family, friends, and colleagues keep moving. It's typically just not practical for those stateside to receive a phone call at say, 2 a.m., and calling Iraq or Afghanistan is seldom an option. Here’s a solution that Google is offering active duty service members. From the Official Google Blog:
For servicemen and women who are constantly on the move, having a single number and an easy way to retrieve messages from loved ones can be invaluable. To help our service members communicate with their loved ones and show our support to those serving our country, Google is launching a new program. Starting today [8/4/09], any active U.S. service member with a .mil email address can sign up for a Google Voice account at and start using the free service within a day.

Google Voice is coming soon for all of us—to learn more about it, visit: And, if you know a family member of a friend on active duty—share the good news.

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