Thursday, April 30, 2009

But yourself on the map

I've been pretty jazzed lately, as after writing a column in PN Magazine for nearly 2 years now and keeping this blog for about half that time, I'm starting to have more readers interacting and writing with questions and comments. Today I received an e-mail from someone promoting the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The premise of the message was that in order to achieve Chris's dreams, we (those living with a spinal cord injury or those that care about them) need to increase awareness about paralysis and its effects on our fellow citizens. His letter said that more eloquent than me:
In light of startling new estimates regarding the number of people living with paralysis, the Reeve Foundation wants to use online technologies to put faces to the statistics. That's why we created the Paralysis Community Map. Our goal is to have one million people put themselves on this online map to illustrate the strength of the paralysis community.
So, here's a word of encouragement. STOP what you're doing. Click on the link above. You put yourself on the map.

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