Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where to get the iPhone and Accessories

My latest article for the Computer Corner in Paraplegia News just appeared this month and today I received an e-mail from a reader asking where he could get the iPhone and accessories I wrote about. Well, if you're interested also, I thought I would just put links here for you. Please know that the iPhone is only available from AT&T wireless or directly from Apple. I'm providing you a link to AT&T wireless, but if you have an Apple store near you you can drop in and test it out before you purchase.

So, here's the phone that I purchased, the Apple iPhone 3G - 16 GB - Black.

The case I recommend is the BELLA Protective Leather Case for iPhone 3G by Macally (Color: Black). It features a scratch resistant protective screen overlay; Nappa leather front panel; neck lanyard; lightweight aluminum carabiner; microsuede interior; camera opening; high density, soft and durable back panel; and opening to all controls and parts.

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