Saturday, September 13, 2008

“Democratization” of technology: Will it happen?

This political season we are hearing so much about change. I recently wrote, that I am ready to help usher in a new era—the “democratization” of technology. I use the term “democratization,” referencing Daniel Boorstin’s work, The Americans: The Democratic Experience, where Boorstin describes democracy as elevated beyond its definition as a form of government to a filter in which nearly every aspect of modern life was reshaped.

Here's an article that describes new uses of inexpensive "SmartHome" technology leading to a day when we don't actively engage the computer, but passively live with it to improve our lives.

SmartHome uses sensors on home walls, floors, and furniture that connects to a computer. It does not require people to wear monitors or buttons. The sensors send alert signals of falls, medication reminders, and even early disease detections, like arthritis, back to a centralized computer.

Developers said the sensors are affordable and easy to install. They haven’t set specific prices yet to fully install a home, but did say the technology uses sensors priced around $80.

Wow, what times we live in. Read the full article.

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