Friday, April 11, 2008


"bold, italicized, underlined and Capitalized." Those are Todd Stabelfeldt's remarkable words. I don't know Todd, but I certainly respect and appreciate his drive, ambition, and example. How many times have I heard from someone, "I am sorry," when they first learn that I use a wheelchair to navigate life. Often, my first response is, "Don't be sorry, I lead a very full and wonderful life." Society too often treats those living with a disability as persons who deserve/need pity; far from it. If you doubt what I say, pay closer attention to the language used to describe persons living with a disability. "He is confined to a wheelchair." "She suffers from paralysis." "They overcome their disabilities."

Okay, off the soapbox! Take time to read Todd Stabelfeldt's story. Be inspired. Use technology to make yourself more independent.

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