Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Premier of a New Movie

Last week my I described how by watching others, persons living with disability could LEARN a lot. This week a new movie, Music Within, premiered in theaters across the country with the potential to TEACH others, the non-disabled, a lot. Movies, like all compelling stories, reach the masses, and this one has the star power and distribution to make it big. Though I don't live close enough to a theater now playing it and therefore haven't seen Music Within yet, I definitely plan to! More information at the movie's Website,
"This is a must see film far every American. Opportunities are what you make of them and Richard Pimentel's life story reminds us that America owes a twice debt to its Veterans, Service Disabled Veterans, Guard and Reserve. First, for putting an the uniform of our country and serving to protect the interests of our nation; and then upon their return to civilian life to serve once again with a keen dedication and commitment gained through that service. This indomitable Veteran spirit is seen across the globe in towns and cities and Music Within serves to remind us that one person does indeed make a difference."
Walter G. Blackwell/President and CEO
The Veterans Corporation

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