Friday, September 14, 2007

Work a Call Center from Home

I have written about this before, technology's power to bring the job to you...or bring you to the job. I monitor news daily for stories that cover telecommuting and employment while living with a disability. Here's an interesting read about how the Purple Heart Service Foundation (PHSF) is helping to put combat-wounded veterans back to work.

The Veteran’s Business Training Center provides online job training and placement to disabled and combat-wounded veterans by using the Internet and web-based technology. In setting up the training center, the PHSF was challenged with finding a new career for these veterans that would allow them to make a good living while working from home. After researching a number of different fields, the Foundation discovered that, in order to ensure they had the best agents, many call centers were hiring at-home agents. Based on this finding, the PHSF decided to develop an intensive call center agent training program, focused on graduating highly-skilled, at-home agents.

Read the full abstract.

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