Sunday, August 12, 2007

More on Telecommuting

OK...I am interested in empowering people to work, but I have several reasons. First and foremost it provides income; but that is not the only way employment improves lives. I contend that people living with disability and who are employed help to improve society by breaking down the barriers of ignorance about disability. We all come with our own personality, gifts, and talents, and by working we naturally are interacting with others. Whether they be co-worker or clients, in this interaction we teach others how to live with disability and how really ABLE we are. But enough of my soapbox. Here's yet another indication that people are starting to "get it"; an article from Federal Computer Week that points out telecommuting isn't so uncommon.
Wilsker: Work by any other name
Increasingly, organizations think of telework as part of their strategy for letting employees be mobile
By FCW Staff
Published on August 6,2007
We still call it telework, or telecommuting, even though I have affectionately started using the term “the T-word” to describe it. When you ask people if they telework, only about 10 percent say they do. But if you ask if they work at home or in planes, trains, automobiles and hotels, just about everyone acknowledges that they are mobile workers....

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