Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mac User or Thought About it?

Apple makes laptops that work well for persons living with SCI, I should know, I use one (my level of injury is C/5-6 complete). I have a newer MacBook Pro (the 15" model) and I love that with wireless and strategically placed AC cords I can independently move around the office or house and reattach to power my computer. The magnetic AC adapter is what makes this possible.

While we're talking Mac, keeping your computer tuned-up takes time and is work. Here's an article worth reading and learning what is and isn't worth acting on:
Breaking down 52 ways to speed up your Mac
Posted May. 15, ’07, 5:45 AM PT by Derik DeLong
Category | Troubleshooting

It looks like I may have to make debunking Mac speed tips a regular feature. I already criticized a list of 11 things, finding a large portion that were really not helping. With a list of 52, I’m going to be doing a lot of typing. Follow me down the extended section for the smackdown. Read the full article.

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