Monday, May 21, 2007

Career in IT Focuses on Ability

When I was doing my undergraduate work in Southern California a professor asked me, "How are you going to write on a chalkboard?" I looked at him puzzled, not believing he was asking such a thing and wondering if he never watched The Other Side of the Mountain. The guy seriously doubted I could teach in a classroom, but he wasn't the first. Over the course of my twenty-years in education I encountered similar instances ignorance too numerous to count. Here's a picture of me teaching 2nd grade in Paradise, CA.

Technology is an equalizer; I point this out in my first column. Here's a great example of my point, a Reuters article that demonstrates how knowledge and technology combine to empower individuals living with disability.
Disabled and Undeterred
17 May 2007 19:40:00 GMT
Kat Burnside
HANOI, Vietnam — Do Duc Cuong has learned to live with his disability well. Most people he meets barely notice that his right forearm is nearly immobile. He was struck with a high fever as a child, he explains, and has not been able to move his right hand since.

"It can't move up," he demonstrates. "Now I have to use my left hand, because it's lame."

For the last three months, Do Duc, now 24, has been learning software skills at PWD Soft, a private enterprise in Hanoi, Vietnam that offers high-tech training to people with disabilities.

Do Duc's experience in the information technology field has boosted his confidence. He no longer fears others knowing about his disability.
Read the article in it's entirety.

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